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"Domhain Eile" -Otherworld

At Sofft nights festival we brought a new show called "Domhan Eile" and it aimed to open the channel between this and the otherworld or "Domhan Eile". Through a collection of short mythological tales about these intersections and the Irish goddesses that are entangled in them. It was meditative, captivating and tickled the funny bone of all the audience. Sofft Night's have a custom built Cairn which provided an intimate setting for this magical event. The shadow puppetry was projected up onto the ceiling of the cairn and the audience sat in a circle on the ground around us. We unleashed the spirts of the otherworld through the caves, travelling over seas on horses, through the sky, to the tops of Ireland highest mountains and down to the depths of the ocean.

The cast for this show included:

Marie Denham - Storyteller/ Puppeteer /Puppet maker / Producer

Cariana Nic Giolla Phádraig - Singer / Storyteller

Lucie O'Flynn - Traditional Musician / Sound Effects

Using the philosophy of Doroles Whelan, John O' Donahoe and John Moriarty reconnecting with the wildness of the Irish landscape, sea, and weather with the spirits of the myths and unleashing the wildness back into your souls. We also used the duachas archives as well as several books/ podcasts, each are linked:

Doroles Whelan -Ever Ancient, Ever New

John O' Donahoe - Anam Chara

John Moriarty - Invoking Ireland

Steve Lally and Paula Flynn Lally -Irish Gothic Fairy Stories

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